Thursday, March 1, 2012

Book Review: Open: An Autobiography; by Andre Agassi

Book Review: Open: An Autobiography
Author: Andre Agassi
Published Date: November 9, 2009

  The compelling little secret that makes Open and interesting read is that Andre Agassi has always hated tennis.  He seems to have the same conversation with every character who gets close to him.  "I hate tennis", he eventually confesses.  "Oh, haha, don't we all. . ." they reply.  "No, I really hate it" he'll deadpan back.  They mostly don't seem to understand.  How can someone can be such a titan in a sport if they don't really love it deep down?
  Oddly, I found myself repeating this conversation as Andre's proxy almost every time I recommended the book.  The experience gives a measure of sympathy and gravity to his situation. 
  To those wondering, no, Mr. Agassi did not write this book all on his own.  He thanks lauds and was denied permission to credit on the cover, a one J.R. Moehringer, whose own autobiography (The Tender Bar) was inspirational the tennis star.
  I am not an tennis fan, and the book doesn't really give you any great understanding of tennis except that there is a lot of stress put on your knees and back.  It is fairly captivating to hear the story of a high school drop out from Las Vegas being courted by celebrities and struggling with fame.
  It's a quick and enjoyable read.

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