Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blog Post Review: Regulation Is Not Fungible

Blog Post : Regulation Is Not Fungible
Author:  Rhymes with Cars and Girls
Published Date: November 20, 2011

  Finding articles like this is why I rarely find the conviction to post original material myself.  Someone, somewhere has already said it, and said it better.  I'm not familiar with this particular blog or it's authors so I can't vouch for any of the other posts or the opinions they may espouse elsewhere, but this particular entry put into words something I've tried to express in conversations about government a long time.

  "I’m sure I could be convinced that there need to be some different or other regulations, but ‘more’ is not a synonym for this, and in any event you still need to individually defend any given regulation on its merits to be making an actual point."

  Have you ever found yourself discussing the financial crisis (or any topic intersecting government and commerce) with someone who seems to be possessed by the idea that we just need "less regulation" and that government only interferes with the free market?  Have you ever heard someone say that the antecedent event to any market wobble is invariable a "deregulating" of this or that sector?  As long as this person isn't your boss, wife, you might consider sending them this profanity laden post that more or less sticks to the facts about discussing regulations in a general sense.  Namely, regulations are not fungible.

  The belief that "no one ‘regulation’ is really distinguishable from any other", the author contents, really just means "we’re all just too lazy to speak/think about any single regulation in particular, we think that’s fine and it shouldn’t prevent us from spewing our uninformed lazy opinions".  In most cases I have to agree.